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Wire Mesh Decking Solutions


Cost-Effective Used Wire Deck and Mesh Decking Solutions


Of the myriad innovations in warehousing technology, perhaps the implementation of used wire deck and mesh decking solutions is the most important and the least appreciated. While there have been significant developments in other types of storage equipment, from the standpoint of strength, efficiency, visibility, light, and recyclability, just this simple switch from particle board or plywood storage beds to used wire mesh decking dramatically improves the performance, air quality, and cost efficiency of any warehouse or storage facility. Strong, lightweight, used wire mesh decking is one of the many cost saving, high quality warehousing materials Surplus Rack has to offer. As one of the leading used and new material handling dealers of warehousing equipment in the tri-state area, we can help you modernize your facility by switching out outdated, bulky, and inconvenient opaque storage beds with used wire deck and mesh decking solutions.


The warehousing industry relies on reusability for maximum effectiveness. Finding more efficient ways to store inventory involves seeking out the solution that can be easily recycled for new owners and new uses. Used wire mesh decking can be easily reconditioned and, because it is galvanized or powder coated, it has been manufactured to resist corrosion. The open mesh grid is rated for greater strength and fire resistance than solid storage beds, and delivers a range of benefits to those using the facility on an everyday basis. People report dramatic improvements in a facility that switches out old storage beds with used wire mesh decking. Over a large space, used wire deck and mesh decking solutions will transform a dark, dusty, and fire hazardous situation into a brighter, cleaner, and airier facility with less risk of fire and related safety issues.


Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing facility, or you want to establish a new warehouse with the latest equipment and cost effective storage, Surplus Rack is equipped to give you the widest selection and best price. For used wire mesh decking and many other types of advanced storage equipment, select Surplus Rack as your go-to used and new material handling dealer.





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Advantages of Used Wire Deck

Enhances the versatility and safety of storage rack

Improves the efficiency of the complete rack system

Replaces wood or particleboard shelving

Reduces maintenance and installation time

Improves air circulation

Increases water penetration

Accumulates less dust

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