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Types of Wire Mesh Decking


As the Philadelphia region’s largest material handling dealer, the Surplus Warehouse has numerous styles of wire-mesh decking in stock. From flared channel, to drop-in wire mesh, to inside waterfall decking, we have the deck you need to get the job done.  New or used wire mesh decking is used as a safety measure on selective pallet racking to prevent pallets and/or other material from falling through the beam levels.  Wire shelving is a cheap and efficient method to secure your valuable inventory.  There are several types of warehouse decking to choose from with two main distinctions: 1) drop-in wire mesh deck or waterfall wire deck, and 2) flared wire mesh decking or channel wire deck.  This guide will help to explain the differences among your options.


Drop-in/inside Flush Wire Deck   Waterfall Wire Deck
Drop-in/inside Flush Wire Deck   Waterfall Wire Deck


The two photos above highlight the main difference between drop-in wire mesh decking and waterfall wire mesh decking: the cascading piece of metal that fits over the beam in waterfall decks. Waterfall wire decks cascade over the front and back of the beam to keep the deck in place.  Drop-in wire decks sit inside the two steps of the beams, creating a flush and snug fit.  Both options offer increased storage safety in your warehouse application.


Flared Wire-Mesh Decking   Channel Wire-Mesh Decking
Flush Wire Deck   Waterfall Wire Deck


Flared wire deck is engineered to fit all styles of beams, as they are designed to fit beams that have no insert or step. The universal fit is ideal for applications that utilize box beams and/or structural beams.  Flared wire deck can also be used with pallet step-beams.  Channel waterfall decking is engineered with a welded channel that fits on the ledge of the step-beams.  Channel or step wire mesh decking is the most popular style of warehouse wire deck.

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Advantages of Used Wire Deck

Enhances the versatility and safety of storage rack

Improves the efficiency of the complete rack system

Replaces wood or particleboard shelving

Reduces maintenance and installation time

Improves air circulation

Increases water penetration

Accumulates less dust

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When it comes to breadth of industrial shelving solutions and excellence in service, count on The Surplus Warehouse. With a 30,000 square foot facility located in the heart of the Tri-state region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our expansive inventory covers the gamut of warehouse shelving and racking needs, from teardrop pallet racks to heavy duty metal and steel shelving. Regardless of product weight, space limitations, and time constraints, our staff of dedicated professionals make it a priority to exceed every expectation to improve workplace organization, safety, and productivity in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), and Delaware (DE).

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