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Current Projects

Lewis System GS6050-36 Stack & Nest Tote Containers

We just received over 1,200 of these Lewis System GS6050-36 Stack & Nest Tote Containers. These totes are 23.5″ x 19.5″ x 15″ tall and are made of high-density polyethylene. They are reinforced at the bottom for extra strength to carry … Continue reading

Heavy Duty Steel Shelving

We just received several truckloads of used steel shelving. These heavy-duty industrial steel shelves measure 24″ x 36″ and are rated for up to 750 Lbs. per shelf. Manufactured by Lyons shelving, these shelves are in great condition. Various sized … Continue reading

Huge Teardrop Rack Liquidation in New Jersey

We are currently taking down hundreds of 30′ x 42″ USP Teardrop Upright Frames and thousands of heavy duty 96″ Teardrop pallet rack beams.  There is also a large amount of flared 42″ x 46″ wire mesh decking, 42″ x … Continue reading

40′ Frazier Teardown

We are starting a teardown with (800) 40′ x 42″ Structural Upright Frames and over (10,000) 96″ Structural Beams. Call us at 215-755-7000 with your requirements or e-mail

Mecalux Teardrop Rack Liquidation

Less Than 2-Years Old 506 16′X42″ Upright Frames 3,168 92″X3.75″ step beams (4,800 lb. Capacity) 3,168 42″x44″ wire mesh decks

Hi-Rise Inter Royal Shelving System

LIKE NEW 24″ x 48″ SHELVING 1,000 sections available. Initially configured in a 30′ tall system. Can be modified to any height.

Huge Teardrop Rack and Shelving Liquidation

TEARDROP RACK 480 18’ x 38” Upright Frame Interlake (OS) 3” x 1 5/8” 630 21’ x 38” Upright frame (18’ upright w/ 36” factory splice) 9,146 96” x 4” beams (SH 321 – 4,930 lb. typical) 9,146 38” x 46” wire … Continue reading

Lyon Steel Shelving

Over 11,000 18″ x 36″ Lyon steel shelves available in a variety of heights and configurations.  Units can be 7′, 11′, 12′ or taller.  CALL TODAY!

Teardrop Rack with 12′ Beams, Decks & Guiderail

10,500 4″X 3″X 3/8″ Guiderail

Speedrack with 12′ Beams and Wire Decks

Like New Speedrack Uprights with 12′ beams 42″ Deep uprights – Heights available from 8′ to 30′ tall 12′ step beams, 4,000 lb. capacity