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Pallet Jacks/Trucks


Used Hand Pallet Trucks from

The Surplus Warehouse

Pallet Jacks/Trucks at The Surplus WarehouseStop carrying individual boxes by hand or with a regular hand truck. Switch to hand pallet trucks and significantly improve your warehouse operations. Industrial hand pallet trucks are analogous to regular hand trucks except that the base is composed of pivoting forks instead of a fixed metal plate. Often referred to as wheeled carts or pallet jacks, industrial hand pallet trucks are designed to move by hand, however, they offer greater flexibility and versatility.


At The Surplus Warehouse, we feature manual pallet jacks for use in a variety of warehouse environments. As a leading material handling dealer, we are committed to enhancing your facility with the equipment you need for quick and easy delivery of products. Contact us to see how our used and new hand pallet trucks can complete your pallet storage system. Also, read on to find out how to operate hand pallet trucks effectively and what safety tips will ensure reliable, long-term use.


How to Operate Hand Pallet Trucks

  • Raise pallet truck forks by pushing the actuating level down and pumping the handle.
  • Put the actuating level in a neutral or middle position to move the load from one place to the next.
  • Lower pallet truck forks with the control lever.


Safety Tips for Hand Pallet Truck

  • Do not carry riders on the pallet truck.
  • Avoid moving loads up or down ramps.
  • Center the truck under the load for good balance and stability.
  • Do not push, but pull loads for increased maneuverability.
  • Operate at a controllable speed as most hand pallet jacks lack brakes.
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Our Inventory Changes Daily! Call 215-755-7000 to discuss your needs.


Advantages of Hand Pallet Trucks:

Increase Efficiency – Hand pallet trucks will drastically increase your efficiency relative to hand carrying by allowing you to move large loads in the time it takes to move small loads.

Decrease Operator Strain – Hand carrying heavy loads forces you adopt awkward carrying positions that place undo strain on the back, whereas hand pallet trucks allow you to easily roll loads to a destination.

Improve Material Handling Safety – As individual boxes often have unstable handles, hand pallet trucks offer better material handling capabilities with less weight at the handles.

Eliminate Product Damage – Regular hand trucks wedged underneath boxes tend to rip or tear the box, while hand pallet trucks lift a full pallet of boxes at once, thus eliminating product damage during transport.

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If your warehouse rack is in need of repair or accessories, contact Philadelphia’s leading used and new material handling dealer, The Surplus Warehouse.  From used warehouse storage racks to industrial metal shelving, The Surplus Warehouse can either replace your existing system, or supply you with replacement shelving for less than what brand new material will cost.  Since The Surplus Warehouse is already stocked with this material, they can also deliver what you need in half the time it would take new material to arrive from manufacturers.  Whether you’re in Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE) or Maryland (MD), the experts at The Surplus Warehouse can provide cost-effective, timely on-site replacement of your industrial shelving units.


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