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Surplus Rack is a leading material handling dealer in the Philadelphia area, serving a broad range of industries with warehouse shelving and storage racks, pallet rack systems, and industrial shelving.

One of the world's largest and most extensive industries, a material handling dealer offers expertise in all aspects of the managing and moving inventory, building an integrated network of the warehouse facility and its configuration, the type and size of stock to be managed, the associated pallet type, along with the appropriate material handling machinery, and finally, the pallet rack system used for storage. Surplus Rack offers the most current, high performance equipment available.

The layout of the storage facility plays a crucial role in the choice of the correct warehouse shelving and storage racks.  After a review of the layout, a choice for the receiving area, the sizes, shapes, and weights of the items to be stored, the material handling dealer can make the best choice for the pallet rack systems and the associated material handling equipment.

These parts are not necessarily interchangeable, so care must be taken to ensure compatibility. Wire mesh storage rack beds have contributed to the safety and ease of use in industrial shelving. Originally made of plywood, these beds were heavy, costly, and cumbersome to move and dismantle, with an additional fire hazard. Newer warehouse shelving and storage racks developed over the last 20 years now offer greater carrying capacities than older systems using heavier gauge steel, so efficiencies in both parts of pallet rack systems have evolved to become more efficient with less weight. Pallet trucks, also known as pallet jacks are modern alternatives to the traditional forklift, and are light, fast, and durable. As warehousing evolves, all components of the process are being streamlined.

Because the warehousing industry relies on keeping stock in good order, used pallets, pallet rack systems and industrial shelving can have a high reuse value. Reused pallets can significantly aid in reducing operating costs, and reuse of pallet rack systems and shelving can also offer savings in developing an economical long term solution.
Surplus Rack is a material handling dealer prepared to integrate all of these systems into one safe, efficient, and cost effective solution.

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