Monthly Archives: March 2011

Huge Teardrop Rack Liquidation in New Jersey

We are currently taking down hundreds of 30′ x 42″ USP Teardrop Upright Frames and thousands of heavy duty 96″ Teardrop pallet rack beams. ¬†There is also a large amount of flared 42″ x 46″ wire mesh decking, 42″ x … Continue reading

Bulk Rack Special

We just received some used bulk rack in great condition.¬†Units are 8′L x 38″D x 8′H and come with three shelf levels and wire mesh decking. Starter units are available from $250 each and add-on units are available from $200 … Continue reading

40′ Frazier Teardown

We are starting a teardown with (800) 40′ x 42″ Structural Upright Frames and over (10,000) 96″ Structural Beams. Call us at 215-755-7000 with your requirements or e-mail